Current Exhibitions

8th Apr to 1st Jun 2019


Previous Exhibitions

11th Feb to 30th Mar 2019

Mary Wafer & Rhett Martyn

3rd to 26th May 2018

Purnaa Deb

28th Feb to 24th Mar 2018

Lebo Thoka

1st Jan 1970 to 2nd Dec 2017

David Lurie

7th to 30th April 2016

Gina Waldman

3rd Mar to 4th Apr 2016

Lorenzo Nassimbeni

5th Nov to 1st Dec 2015

Robyn Penn

5th to 30th November 2015

St. John Fuller

21st May to 11th Jun 2015

Roger Ballen

1st to 30th November 2014

St. John Fuller