Unfurling – Heidi Fourie

David Krut Projects is excited to announce Unfurling, a new exhibition by Heidi Fourie. The exhibition will be on view from 10 am on Saturday, 25 May, at The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts, Parkwood. Unfurling represents a significant moment in Fourie’s artistic journey, revealing her recent explorations and reflections.

After a period of intense change, Fourie found inspiration in the serene landscape of Witklipfontein. Inspired by the landscape’s ancient tales written in its rocks and the wildlife that roams freely, Fourie embarked on a transformative exploration. Upon arrival, Fourie was captivated by the area’s natural wonders and found solace in collecting the delicate wings of insects, mesmerised by how their intricate patterns mirrored the landscape’s markings. Eventually, Fourie created Swye, a large, wing-like object fashioned from sticks. Swye was her companion, enduring unexpected trials, including an overnight encounter with a puff adder on the aptly named Snake Mountain. Through moonlit walks and shared experiences, Swye became a conduit for Heidi Fourie’s exploration of self and landscape, guiding her brush to create paintings that reflect the essence of transition and transformation. Her dedication to process and fascination with untamed landscapes create a bountiful visual story and an intimate view into her vulnerable journey of introspection.

Fourie has recently visited the Witklipfontein Artist Residency located in the Vredefort Dome after her presentation of works as part of DKP’s Latitudes Art Fair installation in 2023. Preluding her residency was her fifth collaboration with the David Krut Workshop where she created a body of monotypes.  For this collaboration, she worked closely with printmaker Kim-Lee Loggenberg–Tim. She translated her sketches onto Perspex in varying shades, from deepest black to lightest grey and gradually incorporated watercolour washes to enhance the depth of the work. These monotypes embrace lyrical loops and winding strokes to create her compositions. Fourie’s painterly marks are not mere representations; they are subjects in themselves. Her ability to create deliberate and enigmatic marks forms a dialogue between intention and spontaneity. Like gorges carved by gravity and densities Fourie’s brushstrokes become pathways, echoing the natural forces that shape our existence.



Heidi Fourie, will open her new exhibition at David Krut Projects, Parkwood on May 25 at 10 am. Her upcoming exhibition, curated to coincide with DKP’s showcasing at Latitudes Art Fair, is an exploration of form, reflection, and process of the beauty found in the ordinary.

Installation view:

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