External Collaborations

External Collaborations

Why David Krut Projects?

Because we see creativity in so many areas, with so many materials, in so many aspects of individual and organisational energies, which contribute to the well being of people and nature. Visual perception remains the most consequential human facility.

Afrifungi opens the path for any who wish to venture into the world of mushroom cultivation. They host workshop around South Africa, and invite both seasoned mycologists and curious newcomers to learn about growing mushrooms and the potential of medicinal, culinary and practical uses of fungi.

Afrifungi’s lab can be found at Orchards Project, situated in Orange Grove. Also at home in this location is The Trinity Sessions, which was co-founded by artist and urbanist, Stephen Hobbs, a long-time collaborator with David Krut Projects. 

In 2024, Afrifungi, along with Stephen Hobbs and Thys Dullaart (of Crispy Skateboards and td-photo) collaborated wit DKP to install a pair of growing sculptures in the gardens of The Blue House at 151 Jan Smuts avenue. The installation was opened to the public for the first time on the 13th of April 2024. You can read more about the event here.

Crispy Skateboards is a local skateboard workshop and academy founded in 2023 Thys, Kaelik, Haroun and Lucian Dullaart. The father and sons team are driven by their passion for skateboarding and contemporary art, and a desire to create a space where the two meet.

Crispy’s workshop can be found at Orchards Projects, in the Orange Grove area. Here, one can find the team hard at work creating unique boards. Carved out Canadian maple wood, these durable hand made skateboards exist as works of art unto themselves.

David Krut Projects partnered with Crispy Skateboards in 2023, assisting them in the procurement of the necessary raw materials. The artistry evident in the processing of this wood into a high-quality skateboard deck aligned with DKP’s focus on elevated wood working.  

Operating in Stanford in the Western Cape since 2011, The Creative Skills Factory (formerly Stanford Creative Works), this early learning program aims to provide quality educational programmes and therapy services, focusing on skills development, emotional wellbeing as well as physical, social and mental holistic support for children, the youth, caregivers and teachers in all communities in the Overstrand, using creativity as a tool for transformation. 

Over the years CSF has facilitated numerous creative workshop in the area, from mural workshops to movement workshops. They also run various holiday programs, in addition to their extra mural and early learning programs.

CSF and David Krut Projects have long been in collaboration, hosting workshop and providing support. In 2016, David Krut Publishing, together with CSF published Movement Breaks in the Classroom, a valuable resource for teachers and parents alike.

We are pleased to announce a special project in development! David Krut Projects (DKP) has teamed up with three organizations based at the Orchards Project precinct to create a dynamic workshop space. The workshop is dedicated to the use of reclaimed wood as a sustainable and ethical material, celebrating the natural world in relation to collaborative artmaking.  CONTINUE READING…

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