Fusing Art, Sustainability, and Skateboarding Culture | Collaborative Creative Wood Workshop

We are pleased to announce a special project in development! David Krut Projects (DKP) has teamed up with three organizations based at the Orchards Project precinct to create a dynamic workshop space. The workshop is dedicated to the use of reclaimed wood as a sustainable and ethical material, celebrating the natural world in relation to collaborative artmaking.  

This collaboration was inspired by using reclaimed wood, a material often overlooked by artists who create sculptures in multiples. DKP accepted the challenge to make wooden sculptures as viable as bronze, stainless steel, stone, ceramics, and synthetics. Recognizing the unique materiality of wood; one which retains the history of its formation and is shaped by natural processes, the prospect of editioning wooden sculptures akin to bronzes or etchings on paper becomes an exciting prospect. 

 Moreover, working with wood offers artists a collaborative relationship with nature, providing unique elements to their work while being environmentally sustainable and artistically rewarding. By establishing a wood workshop, artists gain access to the tools, skills and support needed to harness the full potential of wood as a sculptural medium, fostering a creative environment that prioritizes sustainability, craftsmanship, and artistic expression.  

The Orchards Project: Home to The Trinity Sessions, AfriFungi, Crispy Skateboards.

The workshop has found its home at Orchards Project, situated in Orange Grove, the location steeped in the vibrant social, cultural, and environmental narratives of Johannesburg’s history. DKP’s connection to this space is through our long-standing relationship with artist and urbanist, Stephen Hobbs. Hobbs operates The Trinity Session with co-founder, Marcus Neustetter, out of this space and its surroundings. 

The Trinity Session took up residence at Orchards Project in 2018, where they have conducted numerous City related design development projects, involving various approaches to fabrication of public art pieces, as well as a variety of educational and performative interventions focused on creative engagement with the local artistic community.

Orchards Project also plays host to AfriFungi, a leading center for mushroom cultivation and mycological exploration. Offering courses and trials in outdoor mushroom growing, particularly Shiitake log cultivation, AfriFungi fosters an entrepreneurial environment that encourages collaboration among mycologists. Their mission is to empower individuals interested in fungi, whether for medicinal purposes, culinary exploration, or innovative projects.  

Artist and urbanist, Stephen Hobbs
The AfriFungi team: Matthew Keulemans, Melinda Griffiths and Sven Möllgaard (from left to right)

Most recently, Crispy Skateboards has found its footing as an extension of DKP’s wood workshop. Founded by the father and sons team; Thys, Kaelik, Haroun and Lucian Dullaart, Crispy Skateboards is a symbol of creativity and skateboarding culture emerging from Johannesburg’s urban landscape. The team is driven by their passion for skateboarding, Crispy Skateboards evolved from a hobby project into a celebration of craftsmanship and skateboarding culture. 

Despite facing dormancy until 2023 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Crispy Skateboards found new life through a collaboration with David Krut Projects (DKP). DKP recognised the brand’s potential and facilitated the procurement of the necessary raw materials of Canadian maple wood. The artistry evident in the processing of this wood into a high-quality skateboard deck aligned with DKP’s focus on elevated wood working.  

At the core of Crispy Skateboards is a deep respect for craftsmanship, treating each board as a canvas where art and function meet. Inspired by Johannesburg’s vibrant streets, the team infuses designs with urban energy and authenticity, aiming for a balance between beauty and utility appreciated by both art enthusiasts and skaters. 

Hand crafted skateboard made from the sturdiest material of Canadian Maple wood, with sillkscreen design.
Kaelik and Haroun pressing a skateboard using moulds.

This collaborative wood workshop project represents a transformative initiative that challenges conventional perceptions of wood as a sculptural medium while exploring the potential of inviting artists to collaborate on editioned wooden sculptures, or artisanal skateboards – shaping up to be a dynamic addition to DKP’s collaborative endeavors.  

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