Long-term Collaborators

David Krut Projects has had the privilege of working with many wonderful artists over the years. Some have been short collaborations, with artist coming in for short intensive sessions with our skilled printers, producing one or two bodies of works. Others have the potential to become longer collaborations still, their relationship with DKW growing year by year. Others still, have been working with DKP since the beginning, producing numerous bodies of work.

The relationship between William Kentridge and David Krut began in 1992, when the pair met casually at the opening of an exhibition at The Market Theatre Gallery in Johannesburg. Kentridge was due to visit London for his first exhibition of drawings and prints at the Vanessa Devereaux Gallery in the Portobello Road area of London. Krut, who was based in London at the time, had developed a working relationship with master printer Jack Shirreff dating back to 1981 and he invited Kentridge to visit Shirreff at his 107 Workshop in Wiltshire to explore making very large copper plates, which would allow the artist to create editioned work on a scale that was not available to him in South Africa.

From that point on, Krut became one of Kentridge’s primary publishers, working with him on print editions as well as book and other publications. In total, David Krut has published more than 300 print editions with Kentridge. Kentridge has had more than eight solo exhibitions with DKP and been included in many group exhibitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town and New York over the years.

Explore his work here!

Deborah Bell’s first collaboration with David Krut was in 2000 when he introduced her to Jack Shirreff and his 107 Workshop in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, where Krut had been collaborating with accomplished international artists since 1981. The introduction enabled the completion of Bell’s first editions, published by David Krut, of large copper plate etchings that she had begun in Johannesburg.

She has gone on to publish many editions with David Krut Workshop over the years, working with Master printers Phil Sanders and Jillian Ross to produce a number of series, including her Parsifal (2014) and She Wolf (2017) Series . She has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions at David Krut Projects. She is also one of the artists featured in TAXI Art book series published by David Krut Publishing. In addition, DK Publishing has released two books on Deborah Bells print work, Alchemy (2010)and Innvocations to the Plate: Notes from the Print Workshop 2014 – 2017 (2017).

Explore her work here!

Diane Victor and the David Krut Workshop (DKW) first collaborated in early 2008 on three large etchings and in 2009 Victor originated and editioned a series of drypoints at DKW, titled Birth of a Nation. These works were exhibited at David Krut Projects New York, and a selection from the series featured at her show at Grinnell College, Iowa, in early 2011. She has gone on to create a number of editions with the David Krut Workshop over the years. She has also been shown in three solo exhibitions with David Krut Projects, and several group shows. 

Victor was the subject of TAXI-013 (2008) from the David Krut Publishing TAXI Art Book series of artist monographs – the first series of its kind in South Africa. This publication was followed in January 2012 by Burning the Candle at Both Ends, published to coincide with Victor’s two-part exhibition Ashes to Ashes and Smoke to Dust, which was presented the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery in collaboration with David Krut Projects (DKP). 

Explore her work here!

Stephen Hobbs has been collaborating with David Krut Projects and David Krut Workshop since 2009. Hobbs’ relationship with David Krut Projects has broadened his artistic repertoire through print making, book making and publishing. In addition, David Krut Projects New York has produced a variety of Hobbs’ talks, presentations and workshops in numerous universities and institutions throughout the USA. He has been shown in five solo exhibitions with David Krut Projects, and he is set to have another solo show at our gallery at 151 Jan Smuts avenue in late 2024.

Hobbs has also been part of various group exhibitions and his work has been displayed at numerous art fairs. The collaborative relationship has also extended beyond publications and exhibitions to include other happenings, such as mural projects, curatorial collaborations and site-specific performances.

Explore his work here!

Maja Maljević first began collaborating with David Krut Workshop (DKW) in 2007, when she she began experimenting with printmaking as a way to expand her painting practice. Since then, she has created several bodies of work with Master Printer Jillian Ross and the team at DKW.

Maljević has had eight solo exhibitions with David Krut Projects, all of which have presented both prints made in collaboration with DKW and paintings in oil and acrylic. Into the Spine (2009), DKP Johannesburg, Bubble and Leak (2011), DKP Johannesburg, Revisited (2012), NIROX project space, Arts on Main, managed by DKP, Ex Nihilo (2012), DKP Cape Town, Horror Vacui (2014), DKP Johannesburg, Disrupted (2016), DKP Johannesburg.

Maljević has also been part of many group exhibitions at DKP over the years and has conducted numerous workshops with children based on her specific style of work.

Explore her work here!

Aida Muluneh first began collaborating with David Krut Projects in 2015, and she has since been feautred in numerous group and solo exhibitions with us. 


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