Dissolving Realities – Peter Cohen. 18.04.24

Dissolving RealitiesThursday, April 18th, 2024, from 5.30 pm
at The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood.

David Krut Projects is pleased to announce Dissolving Realities, our third exhibition with Peter Cohen, which includes a series created at Arts on Main in collaboration with Sbongiseni Khulu.

       Peter Cohen collaborating with Sbongiseni Khulu on his multimedia prints in the David Krut Workshop.

Cohen continues a meticulous examination of the interplay between interior and exterior spaces and how this shifts our understanding of reality. Through a methodical layering process, he constructs environments that challenge conventional understandings of spatial dynamics and the nature of human perception.

His imagery manipulates visual elements to prompt viewers to investigate the reliability of memory and its role in shaping individual and collective experiences. The artist achieves this through the act of dissolution – creating layered daydreams out of commonplace scenery where reality loses its definition, inside and outside become interchangeable and memory and truth are mirrored distortions. 


Cyanotype and mixed media works on paper initiated at DKW, Arts on Main.

Cohen’s artistic method parallels the process of construction; wherein images are initially formed on one surface and then deconstructed and transformed into an artwork on paper.

Building upon the themes explored in his previous presentation, City of Remembered Futures, Cohen continues to use unlikely elements that relate to interiors or the natural world in conjunction with cityscapes – in doing so, composing what the artist has referred to as a split landscapes. These split landscapes have become a potent metaphor for the fragmented nature of modern life.

The exhibition includes earlier drawings on paper that background the themes present in Cohen’s work, providing viewers a deeper insight into his artistic practice.


Synchronicity (painting the sky blue)
Watercolour, ink and charcoal on Fabriano Disegno 5 cold pressed acid free paper.
Paper size: 99.7 x 70.5 cm
Image size: 99.7 x 70.5 cm


Dissolving Realities promises to be a captivating exhibition that challenges viewers to rethink their perceptions of space, memory, and reality. Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, April 18th, 2024, from 5.30 pm The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue in Parkwood. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

For further information on the artworks and pricing please visit the online viewing room at www.davidkrutportal.com

Installation view:

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