A look back at new editions, projects & collaborations from 2020

The year 2020 was a productive year as we saw new editions and projects by a variety of artists in collaboration with our workshop and gallery teams. Take a look at the selection of artworks below and delve into the insight on these exciting projects that took place.

Internal Probes by Pebofatso Mokoena

Pebofatso Mokoena’s first solo exhibition with David Krut Projects, Internal Probes, opened in January 2020. It was such a pleasure for the David Krut Workshop (DKW) team to begin 2020 working with Pebo to complete this major body of work. Rainbow Tunnels & An Unfamiliar Heartbreak were the last two unique works produced for the show.

Learn more about the exhibition below.

4 You Series by Maja Maljević

In early 2020 a series of unique works from Maljević’s recent print series (Document for the People.and Winter Files) were reviewed with the intent of creating editioned variations of such. The printers at David Krut Workshop (DKW) dissected and then reconstructed elements of the unique works selected to create 4 new editions in a series titled 4 YouNitty Gritty, Nuts and Bolts, Pokret & Wiggly-Squiggly.

Read more about the lockdown collaboration in the Workshop blog below:

Multimedia Memories by Olivia Botha

Botha visited the David Krut Workshop in February 2020 as part of David Krut Projects’ (DKP) programme of seeking out and supporting emerging talent. David Krut and Gallery Director Amé Bell, had visited Botha in her studio a number of times to gain insight into her practice. Following the a growing interest in her work, Botha was invited to work with DKW printer Sarah Judge to make a body of prints. In her debut collaborative project, Botha was encouraged to explore the process of water- and oil-based monotypes.

Read up on the collaboration below in the Workshop blog.

Bridge over troubled giraffe by Zhi Zulu

Zhi created this silkscreen print during her second collaboration with the David Krut Workshop (DKW) this year (2020), and the work was presented for the first time at the Turbine Art Fair. Bridge Over Troubled Giraffe is part of a growing series of silkscreens, inspired by the artist’s experience of African stories being told for tourists and foreigners.

Zhi Zulu. Bridge over troubled giraffe (2020). 8 Colour silkscreen. Edition of 25.

This print collaboration was started just before the South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown began in March 2020 and with lack of access to digitally printed positives it was necessary to hand draw the artwork to expose onto the screens for printing. This required Zhi handing over some of the making process to the printers on the project. In a way, this brought the work back to the most traditional sense of printmaking.  

Read up on the collaboration in the Workshop blog below including an Inside Story and Podcast with the artist.

Artist in Residence Patrick Rorke

Lesotho-based visiting artist, Patrick Rorke, collaborated with our team of printers during a short residency last year. Patrick explored the technique of monotypes at our workshop space in Maboneng. Patrick usually works on canvas and in clay, which makes this printmaking collaboration a first for him in many regards.

Seeds of the Dirt by Lebo Thoka

David Krut Projects is pleased to present a new body of work by Lebo Thoka in an Artsy Online Exclusive Exhibition titled Seeds of the Dirt. This project follows on her debut exhibition It is well, An Ode to Karabo (2018). This Self Portrait Series is as a continued exploration of the issue of gender based violence within South African society.

The 13th Hour Series by Wilma Cruise

the new series by Wilma Cruise, featured in her solo exhibition Cruise at Krut 2020. Having first created a series of drypoint prints with the Workshop in 2015 – namely, Word, The Queen, The End Game and The All-Knowing Pig – this year (2020), Cruise re-worked a number of returned proofs as a way to re-visit the collaboration from a distance. Cruise combined artistic techniques onto the drypoint proofs – such as collage, drawing and handwork – to create a new body of work titled The 13th Hour (2015 – 2020). The series is testament to an important process and a moment of reflection in the year of a global pandemic.

Find out more about the exhibition in the David Krut Portal Viewing Room below.

Nina Torr – Wayfinding

Nina Torr’s Masters Exhibition titled Wayfinding was hosted at David Krut Projects in February 2020. Leftover (2020) and Placeholder #4: Hesitation (2020) where on show in this exhibition and also featured in the group exhibition Pictures worth a thousand words…

Torr’s work invites the viewer to take up the mantle of explorer in her imagined worlds. For Torr, making is a way to uncover or reveal knowledge, rather than the product of it. Torr’s world shows itself to her through what she describes as ‘pangs’ and ‘clicks’, results of attunement to intuitive, rather than explicit understanding, or the ability to explain or talk about something.

Placeholder #4: Hesitation (2020)
Leftover (2020)

Take a listen to the David Krut Podcast episode where Torr speaks about her intuitive artistic practice.

William Kentridge – The Phillip’s Room

A new series of photogravure prints began as photographs taken in Kentridge’s home studio in Johannesburg, in part as documentation, and in part as a personal reflection of the life that unfolds on the studio walls. They exist as part of Kentridge’s development of a new series of short episodic films relating to the life of the studio, and his 11th animated film for the ongoing Drawings for Projection series – City Deep – being released online in October 2020.

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