Heidi Fourie


Heidi Fourie was born in Pretoria and currently works there as a fulltime artist. She completed her BA Fine Arts (cum laude) in 2012 at the University of Pretoria, specialising in painting, where she received the Bettie Cilliers Barnard bursary for Fine Arts. She had her first solo exhibition, Islands,  in 2015 at Lizamore & Associates Gallery in Johannesburg under the mentorship of Frikkie Eksteen, her second large solo exhibition, Borrowed Scenery in August 2016 at Salon91 Gallery and her third solo exhibition, Masses, at fried Contemporary in July 2017 at Fried Contemporary, Pretoria. She regularly participates in group exhibitions and competitions. Fourie started collaborating with David Krut Workshop in 2017 on a series of watercolour monotypes. These monotypes will feature in an exhibition of various unique works entitled “A Piece of work” at 142A Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood in November 2017.

Artist statement about the works made in collaboration with David Krut Workshop:

“In producing these watercolour monotypes, I was entranced by the way in which pigments – suspended in a drop of water carefully placed on the plate – gradually draw towards the edge of the fast evaporating drop until finally leaving a crisp border of colour. The medium has a distinct uncontrollability quite different from that of oil paint, thus it surprised me on every plate. Images from my personal archive as well as a photo album of my parents’ first years together were used as reference.  “Crown” is quite distinct from the rest of the series and is the only improvised piece. I have developed a fascination with monoliths lately and these typically take on a strange organic animal like quality. I am fascinated by the liquid allure of the brushstroke and the magic of pigment, binder and solvent interacting. I regard marks not as mere constituents which make up an illusion of a subject, but as subjects in themselves, taking part in an improvised dance on a slippery impermeable surface.”

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