Heidi Fourie: New Layered Unique Prints

By Kim-Lee Loggenberg and Melissa Waters


Painter Heidi Fourie has become a powerhouse in printmaking as her ongoing collaboration with printer Kim-Lee Loggenberg and the David Krut Workshop continues. Since 2017 Fourie has worked with Kim-Lee in watercolour monotype and a variety of etching techniques. In March 2023, she returned to our workshop to spend three weeks developing new unique works, this time using multiple layers, including oil-based ink layers, and playing with printing two or more plates to create each work. 


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Heidi would often use her watercolour layer as a preliminary shadow layer to create depth and push areas back. The oil layer would come to function as her detail layer, reinforcing and bringing clarity to shapes and forms. 

Along with combining different printing mediums, Heidi further explored the way AI reinterprets her imagery, evidence of which can be found in a few of her new monotypes. This strange imagery falls within Heidi’s ouevre, which combines the bucolic with the eerie. The new imagery is primarily derived from recent excursions to wild spaces. Her work has also taken a more personal turn, using more of her own likeness and body language; perhaps suggestive of different emotional states, vulnerability and an inward turn. 


Heidi added handwork additions as a way of resolving some of her images. It also gave the prints a different visual quality because of the way materials like colour pencil, watercolour paint and diluted ink sit on the surface of the paper against marks run through the press. This added layer of handwork gives the works a sense of depth and enabled Heidi to add hints of colour in a different medium, as each hand-made mark reveals itself the longer
you look at the print. 

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