Image that kept coming

“I regard marks not as mere constituents which make up an illusion of a subject, but as subjects in themselves, taking part in an improvised dance on a slippery impermeable surface.” – Heidi Fourie

Fourie’s monotypes embody one of the definitions of the medium, as ‘the painterly print’ or the ‘printer’s painting.’ The image is built up in layers, allowing them to dry in between, creating deep areas of colour and pigment. 

“In producing these watercolour monotypes, I was entranced by the way in which pigments – suspended in a drop of water carefully placed on the plate – gradually draw towards the edge of the fast-evaporating drop until finally leaving a crisp border of colour. The medium has a distinct uncontrollability quite different from that of oil paint, thus it surprised me on every plate.” – Heidi Fourie


Image that kept coming

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Edition Size:

Image Height:
29 cm

Image Width:
41 cm

Sheet Height:
44.7 cm

Sheet Width:
56 cm



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