The Bankrupt Bush

The image in Encroacher and The Bankrupt Bush depicts a plant that is found commonly in the grasslands of the Highveld. Fourie is fascinated by this particular bush, which she describes as “cathedral –like,” with tendrils that jut out. However, if left unchecked, this bush can quickly invade an area especially if it is overgrazed. This fact, as well as its tendency to rob other plants of water and nutrients, makes it unpopular among farmers and a threat to valuable grasslands. Fourie feels that this is bitter-sweet – something that is so beautiful also has its dark side.

There are drypoint hands in this image that appear to be reaching up and out; they are incredibly subtle, but can’t be unseen once seen.


The Bankrupt Bush

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Image Height:
18.8 cm

Image Width:
26.2 cm

Sheet Height:
35.8 cm

Sheet Width:
43.4 cm



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