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Print of the Month | Deborah Bel...

David Krut Projects is pleased to announce a new series of complex etchings by Deborah Bell, which have been created in collaboration with American Master Printer Phil Sanders at the David Krut Workshop at Arts on Main in Johannesburg. A work of alchemical beauty to come out of the collaboration is Breath. The image stems […]

Subtle differences | Chine collé

This technique is sometimes so subtle, to the untrained eye it could go completely unnoticed, however the effect it can have on a print can be crucial to the finish of an image. But what is Chine collé? Roughly translated from French: Chine = thin tissue and collé = glue or paste. The word Chine […]

Studio Visit: Chakaia Booker at ...

Last week, Miranda and Meghan from DKP-NY visited Chakaia Booker as she worked with Master Printer, Phil Sanders on some new chine-collé prints at The Robert Blackburn Print Workshop. During our visit, Chakaia and Phil delicately pieced together a new set of original works, carefully transferring her elaborate assemblages of layers of small cut pieces […]

Diane Victor in New York part IV

Hannah Dumes and Miranda Leighfield from David Krut Projects New York visited Robert Blackburn Print Workshop to see how work has progress on the artist’s new plates. Johee Kim is busy editioning one of Victor’s new drypoint plates. The previous plate has been put aside for the time being as it needs more work. You […]

Diane Victor in New York part II...

Johee Kim, of Robert Blackburn Print Workshop New York, has been proofing a new Diane Victor drypoint print. The images above and below show Kim attaching chine colle to the plate for printing, as well as details of the plate and print. Chine collé is used for a variety of purposes. One use, as seen […]