Claire Zinn

Collaboration History

Claire Zinn started collaborating with David Krut Workshop (DKW) in 2015, producing monotypes. She was also represented by DKP at Turbine Art Fair 2015. Since collaborating with DKW, Zinn has produced over 50 monotypes.

Zinn had her first solo exhibition with David Krut Projects (DKP) in November 2016, which showcased a range of her monotypes.

Since then, she was featured at DKP’s booth at Turbine Art Fair 2019.



Claire Zinn was born in Johannesburg where she still lives and practices fine art while also working in a gallery. She has a Fine Art Honours Degree from Rhodes University, majoring in Art History and Printmaking. Zinn’s preferred printmaking medium is experimental monotypes. After printing an image, the artist uses a linocut tool to carve directly into the paper and layer hard-hitting, but beautifully executed, imagery, merging war scenes in Syria with x-rays of human body parts, for example. Her work is interested in the entanglement of images, ideas and events, which is formally reflected in the layering of images, which invite the viewer to find subjective connections.