‘Art Years are like Dog Ye...

01.06.2017 Art Years are like Dog Years, 2006 – 2017   Art Years are like Dog Years, 2006 – 2017 is a sculptural object by Jacob van Schalkwyk which first featured in a solo project and print launch entitled DOLCEFARNIENTE in April 2017 at David Krut Projects, 142A Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg. The sculpture consists […]


A group exhibition featuring: Mongezi Ncaphayi, Robyn Penn & Jacob van Schalkwyk David Krut Projects is pleased to present /’atmes,fir/, a group exhibition featuring three emerging abstract artists from South Africa: Mongezi Ncaphayi, Robyn Penn, & Jacob Van Schalkwyk. In this exhibition–which takes its title from the phonetic spelling of the word Atmosphere–all three artists respond […]

READY!!!!! Jacob van Schalkwyk’s...

READY!!!!! Jacob van Schalkwyk’s etchings: “Waltz” and “W”

For many years, Van Schalkwyk has used Josef Albers’ colour system COLOR-AID to arrive at considered and very specific colour combinations for his artworks. Using lithography ink to make these drawings, he also carefully considers each sheet of paper he uses to produce such drawings. Waltz is a multi-plate deeply bitten, sugarlift aquatint etching printed onto a […]


Monument For Things That Disappe...

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