Artist Series E04 | Jacob van Schalkwyk Video Art


Within his Solo Project and Print Launch Dolcefarniente, artist  Jaocb van Schalkwyks has included three video based artworks in the showcase. In this podcast van Schalkwyk discusses these three video works, Futility of Actions, 2015, After Wegman, 2012 and Art Years Are Like Dog Years, 2006-2017. Further, he will discuss the artists who influenced these works and his relationship towards video art. The showcase is on show at David Krut Projects Cape Town (DKCT), which opened on the 4th of November 2017 and run until the 3rd of December 2017. This impromptu podcast was recorded during a walkabout at the DKCT during the Montebello Design Center Events Day in Novmeber 2017.

Art Years are Like Dog Years, 2006-2017, 16mm Film on Eiki NT-1 with Projector.


The Futility of Action, 2015, Video installation, with DVD player and TV monitor.


After Wegman, 2012, Video installation, digital media player with bubble wrap and tape.