The David Krut Podcast: Order & Chaos with Maaike Bakker – Listening Time: 28 Minutes

In this episode, artist, illustrator, and educator Maaike Bakker joined Britt Lawton at the David Krut Workshop in Arts on Main. Maaike and Britt chat about her journey in the arts, her identity as an visual artist and illustrator, the importance of arts education, her artistic practice, the influence of music and album covers and her experience collaborating with the David Krut Workshop. 

MAAIKE BAKKER is visual artist and illustrator working with various drawing, sculpture and installation based mediums as well as digitally with regards to her illustration based work. Bakker’s practice explores limitations imposed by systems or structures and aims to determine at which point such structures may become excessive and irrelevant, ultimately exploring futility. Her work also sets out to introduce a variety of abstract visual languages that start infiltrating each other’s space, disrupting their original expression and developing an abstract dialogue, which takes on a sort of visual broken telephone. Besides creating her own work, Bakker also lectures illustration and is a practicing art curator.

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The David Krut Podcast is a production of David Krut Projects. Hosted and produced by Britt Lawton.

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