#ArtKeepsGoing – Artsy Campaign response to COVID-19 | Maja Maljević

In April 2020, Artsy launched the #ArtKeepsGoing campaign with the goal of creating content with artists that highlights how they are enduring the unique situation of the global pandemic – COVID-19. This campaign has brought artists’ voices directly to the community through a series of questions about inspiration, artistic practice and their art. We posed these questions to artist Maja Maljević.

How does art keep you going during difficult times?

Maja Maljević: Making art is what I do, difficult times or not. I made art during the bombing of Belgrade and I continued to practice when I immigrated to South African and worked as a waitress to pay my bills. Being under lockdown is no different – I am still an artist making art.

How has your art practice been affected by self-isolation?

MM: I am very lucky in the sense that my studio is at home, so lockdown has not affected my working conditions. I am still in my space, comfortably creating new prints, drawings, paintings and ceramics. I am also in discussion with collaborators about creating fabrics.

How are you staying creative?

MM: Apart from art, I am cooking and baking new things. I even recreate the recipes.

Are you creating new work while social distancing?

MM: Yes. Always. And I am preparing for future solo shows, irrespective of the possibility that the deadliness might change given all the uncertainty.

Who are some other artists you are moved by right now? 

MM: David Hockney is someone I am absorbed by at the moment – his visual language and use of colour. Otherwise, I enjoy exploring contemporary art and expressive media through Instagram.

How are you staying in touch with your community or supporting other artists?

MM: Social media.

What work of art in your home means the most to you?

MM: My personal friends’ works. And the drawings of my friends’ kids. I have them framed.

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