PODCAST E23 | Polytekton: Artist Interrogation with Maja Maljević

This is a special edition episode where Serbian born artist Maja Maljević is under interrogation by Master Printer Jillian Ross. Majević’s artist practice and exhibition – Polytekton – are brought into question.

The audio accompanied an exclusive event on the 4th of September 2018 where the audience participated in an experience of art in the dark at 142A Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. This was an experimental encounter with Maja Maljevic and her combination of paintings, non functional ceramic sculptures and print collages.


00:40 – Audio from the Interrogation between Jillian Ross and Maja Maljević  | 02:00 – Who is Maja Maljević? | 05:18 – I have a photograph of your studio… | 06:10 – What is Polytekton? | 07:55 – Documents for the People | 09:10 – Petit Fours | 10:00 – Is Painting an honest pursuit? | 10:43 – Can we trust you?

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