David Krut Podcast | Paul Senyol – Markers

In this episode, Britt Lawton from the David Krut Gallery sat down to speak to self-taught artist Paul Senyol the day of his opening for Markers – a solo showcase done in collaboration with Paul Senyol and his representing gallery Salon91, Cape Town.

Paul Senyol is an abstract painter who reflects the details of everyday life, paired down to an empathy with colour, line and form. His work is a carefully crafted response to his wonderings through various spaces. The colours and textures of urban and natural environments inform his spontaneous practice in the studio. Skateboarding emerged as a gateway to early creative works on the street and remains an important part of Senyol’s experience of urban spaces. His unique visual language is founded on the inevitable change and flux in environments and his works are testament to the translation of experiences into form.

CHAPTERS 00:35 – Wecome to Johannesburg! 2:45 – Intention, composition and Finland residency; ‘The paintings always have a drawing’ 06:35 – Creative flow in the studio, process 08:55 – Titles interesting interplays with words; the meaning of Markers. 10:15 – Margymnal, Recollectionary and reflecting on a personal archive 12:00 – Relationship with Salon 91 established by Monique Du Preez 14:00 – Informal Art education, cross-over of art and skateboard culture, DIY culture 17:30 – Street art, graffiti, outdoor and indoor spaces 20:50 – Opening of Markers at David Krut Projects, Johannesburg