Deborah Bell

Deborah Bell is a leading painter, sculptor and printmaker in South Africa. Bell is a frequent collaborator at the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW), where she has produced a number of prints over the years. She has worked with Jack Shirreff in the UK and Phil Sanders, a master printer from New York. She has also […]

James Siena

“I don’t make marks. I make moves.” – James Siena “When I make a painting, I respond to a set of parameters, like a visual algorithm. These structuring devices are subject to the fallibility of my hand, and my mind’s ability to complete the work as planned.” – James Siena Known for his highly dexterous […]

Claire Gavronsky

Claire Gavronsky received a Master of Fine Art in painting in 1981. She moved to Italy in 1985 and has since lived between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Florence. In Florence, Gavronsky established, with fellow artist Rosemarie Shakinovsky, an international artist’s residency workshop in Tuscany. After the success of these workshops she founded workshops in Cape […]

Avhashoni Mainganye

Avhashoni Mainganye, although he does not confess to being a poet, uses the microcosm of his immediate surroundings to make macrocosmic comments, most poetically, on wider social issues.  One specific influence was Ingwabele Madingwane; his poem “Mother Spirit” was a great inspiration for Avhashoni. Avhashoni Mainganye was born 1957, in Phiphidi, in Venda.  He now […]

Willem Boshoff

Willem Boshoff’s relationship with David Krut extends back to the early 1980s, around the time of his exhibition at the Natalie Knight Gallery in Johannesburg, with artist Joe Tilson who had work published by David Krut on show.  The first work by Willem Boshoff published by David Krut was a sculptural multiple called Seven Pillars […]