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Allsorts – a painting by ...

David Krut Projects Cape Town recently opened Jacob van Schalkwyk’s Solo Project and Print Launch, DOLCEFARNIENTE. The traveling retrospective first opened at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg in March 2017, showcasing a decade of van Schalkwyk’s works, ranging from drawings, prints, installations, videos, and paintings. Shown for the first time in Cape Town, the featured […]

Abstraction at David Krut Projec...

David Krut Projects has collaborated with a wide range of artists working in the realm of abstraction. Abstract art uses a unique visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition which exists independently from visual references. Since the early 1900s, abstract art is a central stream of modern art and has continued to […]

Artist Series E02: Jacob van Sch...

Cape Town based artist Jacob van Schalkwyk speaks about his collaboration with David Krut Workshop and the conceptualization of his 2017 Solo Project and Print Launch, DOLCEFARNIENTE at David Krut Projects in Parkwood, Johannesburg.     DOLCEFARNIENTE translates as “the enjoyment of idleness”, the sweetness (dolce) of doing (faro) nothing (niente). It is an Italian concept […]

Subtle differences | Chine collé

This technique is sometimes so subtle, to the untrained eye it could go completely unnoticed, however the effect it can have on a print can be crucial to the finish of an image. But what is Chine collé? Roughly translated from French: Chine = thin tissue and collé = glue or paste. The word Chine […]

A Visit from Jaco van Schalkwyk

A Visit from Jaco van Schalkwyk

When Jaco van Schalkwyk, dressed all in black, came to visit us with his set of lithographic ink drawings (everything but black), we were enveloped in blue, green and violet. David Krut Projects Cape Town will be showcasing his works from 17 September – 22 October 2016. A lengthy conversation ensued about how Van Schalkwyk’s […]

The Lake Magazine #9: Rosetta &#...

The Lake magazine’s latest issue, released on the 5th of April, showcases yet another mix of creatives and drew inspiration from a quote by William S. Burroughs: “Gentle reader, the Fountain of Youth is radioactive, and those who imbibe its poisonous heavy waters will suffer the hideous fate of decaying metal. Yet almost without exception, […]