Solo Project and Print Launch: DOLCEFARNIENTE by Jacob van Schalkwyk

Solo Project and Print Launch: DOLCEFARNIENTE | Jacob van Schalkwyk

4 October – 3 December 2017

David Krut Projects Cape Town

Montebello Design Center, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town.

Opening reception:

4 October 2017

19:00 – 21:00

David Krut Projects Cape Town is pleased to present Jacob van Schalkwyk’s traveling Solo Project and Print Launch DOLCEFARNIENTE, which originally opened at David Krut Projects in Parkwood, Johannesburg in March 2017.


Installation image of DOLCEFARNIENTE at David Krut Projects Cape Town


Collaborating with the David Krut Workshop since 2016, van Schalkwyk has produced a series of abstract prints exploring colour and gestural mark-making that challenge the possibilities of printmaking. DOLCEFARNIENTE showcases a new series of prints created in the workshop and his wider experimental practice, spanning a number of disciplines including performance, video, installation and sculpture.


Installation image of DOLCEFARNIENTE at David Krut Projects Cape Town

Jacob van Schalkwyk’s Klaar gepraat drawings (Afrikaans for “done talking”), are created using a self-fashioned tool made by knotting a length of muslin cloth to a broomstick. After lining the walls and floor of his studio with etching paper prepared with a rolled layer of transparent medium, the artist loads the cloth-end of his tool with lithographic ink elongated with mineral spirits and walnut oil. Working quickly and simultaneously on multiple sheets in a whirling, lashing motion, Van Schalkwyk is able to attain marks that blur the distinction between line and tone. Returning to the work once the ink has dried, he emphasises and redacts the markings of his gestural events on each sheet individually using lithographic crayon, charcoal and graphite. The drawings invite the viewer to examine where the paper has sustained or cracked under the force of the whip.

DOLCEFARNIENTE translates as “the enjoyment of idleness”, the sweetness (dolce) of doing (faro) nothing (niente).

My Blue Period, 2017. Collected Jeans from the artist’s 20’s, platinum hangers, on a ladder.
Song Sculpture (Muted), 2017 Guitars, disassemble fan, Shotgun Shells and performance relics.


Showcase Reviews:

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Oh! Sweet Nothing by Alice Inggs

Written by Elize de Beer

For further information contact +27(0)21 685 0676 or email Elize de Beer on [email protected]

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