Obie Oberholzer: Photography through the Decades


David Krut Projects Cape Town is pleased to present a selection of photographic prints by well-known South African photographer, Obie Oberholzer.

Our current exhibition of well-known South African photographer, Obie Oberholzer, represents a captivating archive of analogue prints that documents his unique journey through various parts of the African continent from 1977 to 2002.

Obie Oberholzer’s series of Analogue Prints

His use of analogue printing in the rendering of this body of work is a poignant aesthetic decision in view of the increasing contemporary movement towards digital formatting in the medium of Photography.  Formally, analogue printing is a method that alludes to the origins of Photography as a ‘print’ process. Essentially, each photograph is developed individually and by hand.  The image develops organically, using step-by-step chemical procedures and darkroom apparatus. Thus the process takes on a ‘ritualistic’ momentum that requires the photographer’s skill and signature ability in order to articulate the nuances of the image. This autonomous method allows for a distinct separation from the sleek ‘certainty’ of digital postproduction, highlighting an authenticity that is both distinguished and refreshing.

Through the process of analogue printing Oberholzer has achieved a visually alluring series that not only pays tribute to its ‘traveling’ subject, but also highlights the root similarity between Photography and Printmaking. Wielding the inherent textural quality and distinct filter of analogue printing with meticulous attention to detail, Oberholzer has produced a charismatic body of work that documents the particular beauty within the extraordinary and the everyday. In each photographic still he establishes a visual commentary that speaks to the overriding poetic richness that exists in his interpretation of moments and places in time.

 Olivié Keck


David Krut Projects Cape Town recently launched Lynn & Obie Oberholzer’s cook book, Cooking in the Photographer’s House. This book is a visual journey of their travels and escapades. The food and recipes presented are simple and inspired whilst Obie’s photograph’s are a feast for the eye.

To view images from the book launch click here.





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