Peter Cohen

Collaboration history

In 2022 Peter Cohen collaborated with the David Krut Workshop to create a series of monotype prints and a linocut to form part of a body of work that was showcased in an exhibition titled Colour in black and white. This exhibition ran from 10 September to 9 November 2022 at the 142 David Krut Gallery in Parkwood, Johannesburg. In 2023 Peter returned to the workshop, again working with DKW collaborator Sarah Judge, to explore pronto lithography in a series of works about urban landscapes. A showcase of recent work will open at the 151 David Krut Gallery in Parkwood, Johannesburg, on the 3rd of August 2023.



Peter Cohen is a Johannesburg-based architect and artist with his own architectural practice, with a particular affinity for designing modern dwellings that imagine the fine artworks that would fill these domestic spaces. In 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, Cohen felt the need to create art outside of the realm of architecture. He began exploring both abstract and figurative imagery in different mediums, in the hours after continuing his architectural business by day. With his early works Cohen was industrious with what tools he could find, painting delicate, precise landscapes on spare pieces of floorboards and rolls of heavy brown paper. Cohen’s typically monochromatic work explores imagery related to the built and natural landscape, classical antiquity and other art historical periods, with a mark that is precise, sometimes eliciting a pixel-like surface.


External Media

Johannesburg: In Your Pocket – Peter Cohen: Colour in black and white

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