New Edition: Zhi Zulu | ‘C’mon chameleon’ | 2021

Chameleon’s are known to be masters of disguise but this fellow has decided it’s time to make his presence known. Inspired by his King Kong predecessor, Chameleon, makes his feelings known about the current situation of South African airways and the current travel bans as COVID-19 keeps spreading.

Zhi Zulu’s silkscreen collaboration with the David Krut Workshop (DKW) has developed into a series of prints titled The Curious Five. To date there are three silkscreens, including Zebra Crossing (2019) and Bridge over troubled Giraffe (2020). Two more will follow this year. With the silkscreen process for C’mon Chameleon, Zhi was assisted by David Krut Workshop printer Roxy Kaczmarek. Silkscreen is a stencilling technique that pushes ink through a fine mesh. A stencil prevents ink pushing through in some areas and allows ink through in others.

Zhi Zulu signing her silkscreen C’mon Chameleon, 2021
C’mon Chameleon, 2021, 7 colour silkscreen on Zerkall Litho 250gsm, Edition of 25, Paper Size: 36 x 27,5 cm.

The Curious Five series is Zulu’s exploration of the disorientating nature of the city – often a mix and match of natural and urban, old and new, home-grown and cosmopolitan – and humans and animals’ daily interactions within this concrete jungle.

Silkscreen colour swatches
Colour tests for the background of the silkscreen print
Printer Roxy Kaczmarek editioning C’mon Chameleon
Deliciously candy pink colours of ink being printed
Registration on the silkscreen suction press

With Zhi’s passion for education and the arts, and how they intersect with culture to create knowledge, it’s no wonder her vibrant image has such an appeal. Zhi has a skilful knowledge of how to balance seemingly mismatched colours, which was especially considered in the silkscreen process – resulting in some surprise results, even beyond the artist’s control. This is common of the printmaking practice, and was a unique experience for Zhi who mostly works as a digital artist. 

We look forward to the further collaboration with Zhi and sharing more silkscreens soon. You can read more about Zhi here.

Editioned prints drying on the drying wrack

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