Zebra Crossing

It is well known that Zebras have stripes to confuse their predators. Zhi Zulu’s pink Zebra in her work Zebra Crossing, 2019 however, seems to have been confused by it’s own tactics having taken the city’s notion of a Zebra crossing a bit too literally and winding up perplexed by it’s inner city surroundings, munching on a traffic light in resignation. Read more in the Print of the Month Blog post here.

Take a listen to this episode of the David Krut Podcast | Zhi Zulu & Zebra Crossing
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Britt Lawton speaks to artist Zhi Zulu about her artwork ‘Zebra Crossing.’. Zulu opens up about working with a new medium, how she feels entering the fine arts realm and what she learned about printmaking and her inner artist self and the very important question – whether the ‘non-Big Five’ animals feel excluded was naturally discussed as well.



Zebra Crossing

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35.5 cm



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