Stephen Hobbs – Optics, Curiosity and Playfulness | Listening Time 35 min

Elize de Beer is in conversation with artist Stephen Hobbs in his Studio in Johannesburg. In this podcast episode, Hobbs speaks about how his artistic practice began as a conceptual artist and how that conceptual way of thinking has developed in his current influences and use of materials.


0:42: Three words to describe Hobb’s practise

0:52: The Start of Hobb’s practise as a conceptual artist

3:58: Interesting in Uran Design and Architecture

6:27: Working as a public artist

11:22: Public vs Gallery realm

13:44: How printmaking has influenced Hobb’s practise

16:21: How printmaking has influenced other areas of Hobb’s practise

17:53: Use of Text and Words

20:05: Use of Camouflage

23:34: Interest in and use of Optics

26:15: Use of Book as an artistic medium

28:14: Use of Pop-up books

31:32: Summing it up

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