Rhett Martyn’s 1:10 Modernist Plunder: The New Constructivists Walkabout

Rhett Martyn introduces his project ‘1:10 Modernist Plunder: The New Constructivists’ as the culmination of an 8-month long research project. Listen to Rhetts ideas and concepts surrounding this showcase as explained in the walkabout that took place on the 7th of July 2018.


00:42 – How the exhibition came about

04:30 – The story of João Mangual

08:30 – why fabricate a story around the exhibition

13:25 – About the prints

17:15 – Johannesburg architecture influence

18:40 – planning in sketchbooks

20:20 – geometrical motifs

21:40 – The New Constructivists

27:45 – Some Johannesburg Art History

31:25 – What’s next?

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