A Multimedia Collaboration at David Krut Projects Cape Town


A new creative collective was formed at the end of 2015. The collective’s working title is <1234567>.

Directed by Andrew Putter, the collaborators consist of an electronic duo, a director/architect, a mixed media fine artist, print enthusiast/self publisher, VJ/visual artist and a web developer and animator. Each collaborator brings a different creative focus and skill-set to the project. The aim of the collective is to produce an ambitious new live show and concept album by June 2016.

Technically, our project is based on the idea of the gesamkunstwerk, in which all the art forms work together to produce a unified, heightened spectacle. Our new work will combine musical composition, stage and lighting design, costume design, performance art, video, graphic design, photography, an online presence, print and digital publication.

The project is currently reaching it’s phase of production which will be taking place weekly at the David Krut Projects gallery in Cape Town. The first performance is also set to be held in the gallery in June 2016.

To keep updated with the project, please visit us here where we will be showing the documentation of progress on a weekly basis. You can also follow the project more closely on Instagram @c1o2r3r4u5p6t7