Endale Desalegn in Residency at DKP Print Workshop

Endale Desalegn is an Ethiopian artist who began his relationship with DKP in 2014, when he came for his first residency which ended with an art exhibition tittle A Single Vibration. Before he started with DKP he had solo exhibitions in Addis, Ethiopia at the Alliance Ethio-Française.

Endale has been working in our 151 Studio (Parkwood) since 26 August 2015, and he has started producing some very in depth and thought provoking paintings and monotypes. At this current phase he and I have discussed, seeing in the dark and how the darkness is tangible, but cannot be touched.

Currently he is working on a new body of work, through DKP workshop, focusing more on the printmaking medium, creating monotypes. Through his exploration with the medium he has stated to experiment more with colour, adding it to his usual grey and black tones. While in conversation he said, about colour, “When we look at pictures with colour we are receiving the colours and seeing them before we see the image.”

Endale is an artist that is thoughtful of his surrounding, and seeing and observing are extremely important to him. His art works when viewed become a new form of abstraction that looks into seeing the unseen through the darkness.

For the rest of the month Endale will be working with Kim-Lee Loggenberg, one of our workshop technicians, and expanding on his exploration of monotypes and printmaking.IMG_0421 (1)

IMG_0422 (1)



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