Maja Maljevic in Elle Deco


Recently one of our artist, Maja Maljevic was interviewed by Elle Deco South Africa, here are some of the questions that she was asked,

Describe your artistic concept in a nutshell…
I am interested in expressing a visual language made up of abstract elements and principles that converse with each other but do not construct a narrative through symbolism or analogy. It is a language of primary, bold, colourful, layered and dense imageries assembled on the canvas without prior negotiation. The composition evolves as each part is painted. The painting becomes itself.

What role does art play in your creative space?
Art is a necessary ingredient in the making of art. The more you surround yourself with it and creative or stimulating work, the more you are inspired to produce. This applies to the actual studio space itself. The more I produce in my studio, the more I am motivated to work and the more likely I am to generate new ideas.

To read more of this insightful article into her life as an artist, please click the link Inside Maja Maljevic’s Studio.