Studio Visit with Quinten Edward Williams

Quinten Edward Williams’s studio is a place where he uses the material activity of painting as a way to consider a very human trait: our uncertain experience of the world.

At the moment Quinten is preparing for a group show at David Krut Projects in March titled “Along the Line”. For this show he will exhibit some new paintings alongside new works by Mary Wafer, Maja Maljevic and Robyn Penn. This show takes the notion of line and painting as a starting point for these four artists’ individual interpretations to unfold.

We visited Quinten in his studio, to see what he is up to.

Quinten’s paintings are constructed out of layers of lines, and layers of flat bold forms of colours. The paintings can be described as collections of edges that bear influence on one another. Furthermore, each painting’s surface exists in relation to its underlying layers in the sense that the texture of past forms can be seen on the surface of the painting. The boundaries created in these paintings are angular, and they are repeatedly interrupted across the work.

Painting, for Quinten, is a way to create expressions of the forces that comprise the world. His paintings are syntheses of different details of the world, transposed through the painting process. He is thinking about his paintings in terms of landscape and de-territorialisation. The painting process becomes a way to isolate and re-position details of the world. These concepts are approached through the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Quinten is also thinking about his paintings through Paul Cilliers’ conception of uncertainty, and the argument that complex systems can only be experienced partially.

For Quinten, his paintings are expressions of forces that move through the world: disrupting, assimilating, and sometimes being overpowered. View his new works at the Along the Line Exhibition which opens on the 12th of March 2015.


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