Studio Visit with Lynda Ballen

Visiting Lynda in her studio offered the David Krut team an opportunity to be in the environment in which she practices. Her studio is both her own work space and where she teaches – a place in which those who learn with her can explore their own creativity.

Taking our seats – with cups of coffee in our hands and with our full attention – Lynda proceeds to explain the conceptual and technical processes that she engages in. She tacks a piece of white paper to the sliding door and diagrammatically offers us insight into her thought processes and into the way she makes her work.

The making paper is intrinsic to her work. Discarded paper from her students, and other sources, is recycled to make the pulp. A grid of thread is intricately placed within the layers of paper to create a cotton, thread and paper surface on which she draws. This support, carefully crafted, alludes to a piece of fabric that has been ritualistically woven. Indeed we marvel at the accuracy that is required and the time and patience needed to produce a piece of paper. Drawing in ink on the paper allows no margin for error, since erasure is not possible. Thus working on the paper requires absolute focus since the paper has become an object of special value.

In her last exhibition at David Krut Projects entitled “Concerning Preciousness”, the work addressed the significance of paper, drawing and textiles and of gems and minerals mined from the earth, all of which are time honored endeavors. She is working on a new body of work that expands on this idea and that takes her concepts and technical processes further.

LB Studio Visit









Text  and image by: Rachel van Blydenstein

28 Feb 2015

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