Faith47 at DKW

Three weeks ago Faith 47 spent some time at the David Krut Workshop (DKW), working on plates she plans to include in her upcoming solo show in New York in November at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.











The show is titled Aqua Regalia, an alchemical term used to describe a highly corrosive substance that dissolves gold.  In exploring this theme she is reaching towards the sacred in the mundane, looking at the inherent beauty in discarded and unwanted objects and the spiritual or holy manifestations that they may represent.

She explains the work at DKW arises out of the aesthetic of bridges and debilitating architecture, of finding beauty in the grime by bringing it into a different environment and context.

We have seen shifts in the media Faith uses for her work; she has experimented with letterpress, monotypes, etchings, cyanotypes, mixed media works and will be doing lithography later in the year.  She wants to explore different mark-making which will be present within her show at the end of the year.

During her time at DKW, Faith worked on a number of small plates, all but one of which were done in spit bite aquatint.  Spit bite is made by painting with acid onto an aquatinted surface, which creates tonal areas. The acid bites into the marks made on the plate, creating indentations which are inked and pressed onto archival paper. These are the first etchings she has made, and she loved the process.  This series is inspired by the lime scale marks repetitively dripping water creates under bridges; she plays with this effect and texture.

This series is still in progress, with plans to release the finished works later in the year. The works are a departure for Faith47, as she focuses on the textural rather than figurative. This presents a change from the often specific narratives we see in her work, freeing her to work purely with colour, line and texture.


Faith will be releasing 6 cyanotypes and 3 mutlimedia artworks exclusively through David Krut Projects for the Cape Town Art Fair this weekend.

These new works are pivotal in Faith47’s exploration of new mark-making. The Royal Spirits series was produced in Faith47’s Cape Town studio and consists of mixed media transfers on found paper. The cyanotypes, titled Relegare, were produced in the Rooiwolf Darkroom at Atlantic House in Maitland and the image is based on photographs from Faith’s personal collection.

26 February 2015


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