Jill Ross and Stephen Hobbs visit DKW (Parkwood) 2014-09

Jill Ross, master printer at DKW (Arts on Main) and artist, Stephen Hobbs visited the DKW (Parkwood) today.

DKW_3Sept_Hobbs_Ross_Hewson_Dwala (37)

This morning Ross came in from DKW Arts on Main to share her expertise on the technicalities of the printing processes with Stephen Hobbs, Daniel Hewson and Sipho Dwala.

DKW_3Sept_Hobbs_Ross_Hewson_Dwala (1)

Later in the day Hobbs continued work on a new series of monotypes. Hobbs was assisted by Hewson. Hobbs has started experimenting with additive monotype’s techniques using black ink, thinners and turpentine. These new monotype prints have opened up a new range of mark-making to Hobbs’s pallet and is a move away from Hobbs’s wood- and linocut relief mark-making style.

Hobbs_dan_3Sept (28) Hobbs_dan_3Sept (26) Hobbs_dan_3Sept (14)

Dwala is continuously working on creating new drawings and experimenting with monotype prints and learned about the various styles and printmaking techniques showcased by Ross and Hobbs.

Hobbs_dan_3Sept (4) DKW_3Sept_Hobbs_Ross_Hewson_Dwala (26) DKW_3Sept_Hobbs_Ross_Hewson_Dwala (15)