1:1 by Alexandra Ross

Alexandra Ross’ upcoming solo exhibition presents a new body of oil-on-paper paintings, monotypes and prints. The abstract works form part of a large-scale installation, one that includes the gallery itself. The title, 1:1 refers to a direct relationship between equal quantities but understood as one-to-one, refers to an intimate, private conversation between two people. Dialogue, relationship, mirroring and reflection are the central themes, not only in the individual works, but in the installation as a whole. 1:1 continues the artist’s ongoing interest in the relationship of original to copy and of reality to illusion but also broadens its scope to explore the intersection of art, gallery, artist and viewer, and of public and private space. Through a series of duplications, mirror images and illusions, Ross playfully manipulates the real gallery to suggest an imaginary place that is part private artist’s studio, part hall of mirrors and part Rorschach inkblot test.

Alexandra Ross studied Fine Art at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. In 2007, while completing her Masters degree she won the Brait-Everard Read Art Award, which resulted in her first solo show, Viewpoint. In 2009 she had her second solo show, In Search of Lost Time at David Krut Projects. Last year she was invited to the kunst:raum residency in Germany. She spent the next six months living and working in Berlin where she began conceiving and producing the work for 1:1. This is her third solo exhibition.

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