Drawing Show


10 September – 11 October 2008

David Krut Publishing has over the last year begun to introduce more and more titles related to contemporary design. We have books and magazines that cover a range of themes related to design from architecture and interior design to graphic design.

Besides participating in Design Indaba in February this year we have also launched Skill Set – a new series of educational books aimed at showcasing local design and providing material to secondary and tertiary institutions as well as local design practitioners. The books will include information on aspects of design, examples of work by local designers, and interviews with South African design professionals.

Volume One in the series, A Primer in Graphic Design, written and designed by Michael MacGarry, will be the first full-length book in South Africa focused solely on local graphic design talent. It will be followed by handbooks on industrial design, fashion design and stage design, to name a few.

Drawing Show is to accompany Volume One in blurring the line between contemporary visual art, graphic design and illustration. We have commissioned works from some of the best South African graphic designers and firms. The selection highlights not only the range of graphic design projects, but also the variety of styles and approaches.

Each designer and/or design firm has been asked to produce a series of artworks to be produced as limited edition A1 archival inkjet prints themed either according to how they might complete the following sentences:

“Total freedom means… “
“My context is melting… “
“A shimmering cascade of luminous colour… ”
“AfroFuturism and the beginning of… ”

The designers selected for the show are: (Several of them were contributors to Volume One)

Richard Hart, Roger Jardine and designers of Disturbance
Olivier Schildt of Rex
Peet Pienaar at The President
Garth Walker at Orange Juice
am I collective
Carina Comrie of Bon-Bon
Joh Del
Jason Bronkhorst of Infiltrate
Givan Lotz
Johnny Kotze and Scott Robertson (aka: Dirty Sanchez)

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