David Krut Podcast: The Printing Girls ep.1/3 – Lyrene Kühn-Botma on Presence and Absence | Listening time 24 minutes

In this episode, the first of 3 episodes featuring The Printing Girls, Christa Swanepoel invited Lyrene Kühn-Botma to talk about her involvement in the all-female printing collective The Printing Girls, her conceptual artwork themes and the intricacies behind stone lithograph printing. Lyrene tells us how past experiences of grief and loss has influenced her work and development as artist, what she hopes to do next and how she continues to push the boundaries of printmaking in her personal practice. 

Lyrene Kühn-Botma is an artist and researcher working with and combining traditional printing media, drawing and digital drawing in her art practice. Her explorations on paper and digital media involve the investigation of death studies and video games to explore the new and alternative ways we grieve in contemporary, technologically driven societies. She is currently employed as a Junior Lecturer at the Fine Arts Department of the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. 

For more about Lyrene, check out her website here and her Instagram here.

Artwork details: Lyrene Kühn-Botma, ver weg – hier voor: Screening Presence (2022)
Stone lithograph
60 x 89 cm
Edition of 10
R14 050,00 incl. VAT framed

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