David Krut Podcast: Ryan Arenson and the world of ‘Baby Yellow’… Listening time: 25 minutes.

Find out the story behind ‘Baby Yellow’, a character created by artist Ryan Arenson, who goes on adventures, philosophises about the meaning of life, emotion and companionship, and enacts wild fantasies of the adult kind.

In this episode, Ryan Arenson speaks to Melissa Waters about the character of ‘Baby Yellow’, and where he came from, as well as artist books, e-publishing and self-publishing, and his recent day spent in the David Krut Workshop. In his current exhibition at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg, viewers can see the last ten years of art-making by Arenson, most of which stems from his journey exploring the alter-ego ‘Baby Yellow’ and Arenson’s experience teaching and working with disabled adults. Ryan also speaks about de-stigmatizing issues with mental health, a thread that can be seen in many of the exhibited works.

The David Krut Podcast is a production of David Krut Arts Resource

Episode hosted by Melissa Waters

Produced and edited by Britt Lawton

To see more of Ryan’s works please visit the Ryan Arenson Viewing Room on the David Krut Portal.

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