João Orecchia: Instruction – Scores, Collaboration and Printmaking | Listening time 25 min

In this David Krut Podcast, Elize De Beer speaks to João Orecchia at our Arts on Main Workshop about his music and artistic practice ahead of his upcoming exhibition Instruction.

João Orecchia is a Johannesburg based artist, composer and maker of physical and virtual “things” that play with reality by deconstruction, shifting expectations of standard uses or purposes of objects and processes. Orecchia talks about his visual exploration of his playful and intuitive working process with sound and music. He finds ways of charting sonic movements and translations onto paper, developing a unique written musical language, which is incorporated into experimental music scores. Instruction will be his first solo exhibition and showcases Orecchia’s first series of etchings and woodcuts created in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop and Master Printer Jillian Ross. The body of prints is accompanied by static and interactive sound installations, videos and performances.

Chapters: 0:20 – Introduction | 0:34 – Background on Joao Orecchia’s Practice; “An exploration of the palette of an object” | 3:30 – The process of creating scores | 5:25 – Developing dialogue between musicians and the score | 6:30 – ‘Intermittent’ 2016, collaborative performance with Joseph Suchy | 8:30 – Audience Participation and performance energy | 12:00 – Project at The Centre for the Less Good Idea | 12:54 – Printmaking at David Krut Workshop: Drawing Maps | 16:00 – Working with Master Printer Jillian Ross: Similarities in printmaking and score creation | 18:00 – Digital Videos and Scores | 19:50 – COLOUR | 20:55 – “A moment, they exist, you can put them in the wall.” Developing into something more | 21:50 – Woodcut and collaboration | 23:50 – First exhibition excitement!

For more information on the exhibition and the artist, follow the links below:

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