Survey of Risk Opening Night

Survey of Risk opened on Thursday evening – 22 February 2018 – at our Parkwood Gallery in Johannesburg.

It was lovely to have the space buzzing with a Johannesburg audience contemplating the works of Cape Town based artist Matthew Hindley. Our guests enjoyed a glass of wine and a casual conversation with the artist while viewing his various works in print – a deviation from his known medium of painting.

The exhibition highlights the adaption of Hindley’s technique from painting to printmaking. This is evident in his painting – The Dew Makes a Star, 2017 (seen below) – as there is distinct crosshatching visible in the clouds of smoke, a common technique in drypoint to create value and form. In our recent Podcast episode, Hindley speaks about how the return to mark making in the printing process woke up his love of drawing again. You can listen to the podcast in the link below.

A Survey of Risk with Matthew Hindley | Listening Time 21 Minutes

Above: The Dew Makes a Star, 2017 | Oil on canvas | 145 x 190 cm

The presence of his process sketches from his current painting project allows the viewers to have a behind the scenes look at the effect drypoint has had on his process. There are various quotes from Hindley throughout the exhibition providing context to the works on display. Survey of Risk reviews the rewarding nature of experimentation of mediums in Hindley’s artistic practice.

The exhibition is open until the 29th March 2018.

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