The David Krut Workshop Discusses Art & Womanhood

Female Spotlight: The Women of the David Krut Workshop E01

Being a Women in the Art World

In celebration of women’s month, the female printmakers at the David Krut Workshop discuss their experiences in the art world.

Jillian Ross

Master Printer, the lead collaborator and the manager of the workshop.

“My job is very physical and all about problem solving and thinking on your feet. It has given me confidence in so many different aspects of my person. I am not afraid to lift the heavy stuff and work the hours required.  The hours are long yet we are very nurturing as a team.”

Kim-Lee Loggenberg

Workshop printer, specialising in etching editioning, intaglio printing and watercolour monotypes

“I am definitely more certain of my own inner voice and my convictions. In print, it is important to do as much prep as possible but when the time comes for executing the task, there can be no hesitation. I believe that as a female printer being confident in your inner voice, your work, the decisions you make, the risks you take, is a necessity in a male-dominated field.

Working with other women is great because it feels as though we’re all on the same page. Women just have a certain way of approaching tasks, solving problems etc. So projects are completed with the utmost efficiency but also a splash of fun and light heartedness.”

Nomazitah N. Ngwenya

David Krut Workshop administrator and archivist.

Women are equal to men in what they do. It doesn’t matter how big a plate is, women can ink, wipe and print it without any help from men. The David Krut sWorkshop doesn’t really consider gender as a way of defining anything. Everyone is welcome in this studio and everyone does everything from painting the walls, crack filling walls to hanging artworks for exhibitions”

Roxy Kaczmarek

Workshop project manager and Jillian’s assistant.

“I’ve discovered that it is a male dominated industry yet there is a sprinkling of very passionate and usually quite strong women involved.

I’ve had to learn to be quite strong, especially for the moving and hanging works which is hands-on. I believe that the worth of the team is not prescribed by how many men or women there are working. As mentioned before, the industry is male dominated so it is great to see a predominantly female team, however we often have artists and visitors alongside us in the studio. So gender isn’t really something that matters too much in the studio.”


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