Aida Muluneh Cape Town Exhibition 2016

Aida Muluneh | David Krut Projects | Montebello Design Centre | 28 Jun – 13 Aug

David KruROMANCE_IS_DEAD copy (1)t Projects Cape Town’s upcoming exhibition features a selection of images from Aida Muluneh’s most recent photographic bodies, namely The Wolf You Feed and The World is 9.

“I’m trying to make art digestible, no matter whether you’re a bourgeois blah blah or someone from any other spectrum of society,” Muluneh said in a recent interview with ARTnews. “I also want to make Africa digestible in a different way. When people think about Africa right now, they often only think about animals, war, and famine. I’m trying to distort that impression to provoke questions in a different sense.”

The The Wolf You Feed reflects on our personal and outer battles. The battle being between good and evil, between the path we choose and the one that is chosen for us. In the everyday business of living, we often forget that the most basic elements of our lives are based on the choices that we make and how these choices have an impact on our families, community and society. The artist finds it ironic that as a species, we can send a man to the moon but we can’t feed the world.

In The World is 9, Muluneh questions life, love, history, and whether we can live in this world with full contentment. “I am not seeking answers but asking provocative questions about the life that we live – as people, as nations, as beings.” The title comes from an expression that Muluneh’s grandmother had repeated, in which she stated, “The world is 9, it is never complete and never perfect.”


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