Drawings In The Sky 2015

DK Artist Maja Maljevića along with Faith47, Haroon Gunn-Salie and Simon Gush are featured in the second edition of ‘Drawings in the sky’ taking place over Art Week Joburg 2015. Parts & Labour have worked with Maljević, Faith47, Gunn-Salie and Gush to create unique video animations that run sporadically on the ABSA Lumin Display.

Displays run from the 7th to 19 September 2015

ache-640x350  haroon1-640x350

mm-1-640x350 simon1-640x350

This is an ongoing show in support of local artists working in and around Johannesburg and the Absa Lumen forms an intriguing platform on which to showcase video art and reach a widespread audience. The video pieces form a contrast to the usual subject matter that appears on such a platform and the four artists have created works that provoke curiosity and thought around their subject matter. The subject matter ranges from mundane objects and actions to playing with nonsensical shapes and patters.

Text -Parts & Labour

Be sure to view the VIDEO works here : Drawings In The Sky



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