Derek Gripper’s Live Performance at The Group Exhibition “Do Nothing”

David Krut Projects Cape Town was pleased to host Derek Gripper’s live performance alongside the opening of our most recent group exhibition, “Do Nothing”.

The capable musician and sound artist, Derek Gripper performed three compositions from his most recent album “Cassette Locale” and led a brief discussion around the inspiration for this work and the influence of West African musical traditions in his most recent album. He articulated the origin of the title “Cassette Locale” as a singularly unique recording, which is presented to and inspired by his ‘patron’, Masanobu Fukuoka’s for whom it was made. The recording is meant to capture the musical portrait of a person and is, therefore deeply personal and undoubtedly a poetic tribute. In this instance Gripper took his musical tribute inspiration from Masanobu Fukuoka’s techniques of natural farming/permaculture and William Kentridge’s interest in the natural order of ‘chaos’ inherent in our surrounding environment.

 Whilst the musical performance was underway, a video projection by Jane Cheadle was playing in the background to form an encompassing collaborative work between these two artists. Cheadle’s video projection piece portrayed a large, circular black chalkboard turning on a single axis, whilst white chalk was masterfully applied in strategic drips. This resulted in an abstract stop-frame animation of subtly shifting horizontal lines and planes of perspective that appeared and dissolved with a sense of radical geometry that was quite otherworldly. The combination of these two elements, live performance and video projection was sensitive, meditative and transfixing, even subtly spiritual in its atmospheric temperament.

Against the stage of “Do Nothing” this performance accentuated and highlighted the overlapping themes within the diverse works on this group exhibition. Print, Mixed-media, Sculpture and Multimedia combine to display a collection of exploration into organic form and natural process. This body of works allows the viewer to embark on a fascinating inquiry into the matrix of nature and the visual aesthetic of our ‘human’ role in the landscape of existence.

 The exhibition runs until the Saturday, 17th of January 2015.

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