Senzo Shabangu working on new monotypes at DKW (Parkwood)

The past week Senzo Shabangu has been working on a new series of multi-coloured monotypes at the DKW (Parkwood).

The new work’s theme was inspired by time he recently spent at the Biennial in Kampala, Uganda.

Last week Shabangu started with preparation for the new work by creating multicoloured backgrounds (using ochre yellow, red and grey – by mixing white and black oil-based ink). He experimented with creating different textures for the backgrounds by playing with the effects of turpentine (by dripping, blotting and rubbing the turpentine with a cloth).

DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (41) DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (43)

Yesterday Shabangu was assisted by Daniel Hewson (from DKP Cape Town) and they did a trial proof (working proof) for the new monotypes. The working proof is an impression pulled before the editions are produced to see how the print looks like at different stages of development. This allows Shabangu to go back and makes changes.

DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (29) DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (31) DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (26) DKW_Senzo_2Sept14 (45)


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