Jessica Webster plans skin prints

Jess arrived feeling slightly ill today, everyone seems to have been hit with influenza this winter.  She insisted that she was fit enough to continue with the monotypes, so we completed the remaining three images, to realize the nine-part installation.  Next week thursday is going to be very interesting: Jess wants to roll around in a slab of ink, on the bed, and print the resulting scuff marks.  This will involve nudity so her sister, Thandi, will be assisting with the crazy press manoeuvres, and I’ll deal with the printmaking part.  Jess is interested in Jasper Johns, and the Modernist paradigm of treating ‘the surface’ as a skin.  Apparently Johns had planned to create paintings using his body to pigment canvases, but never got around to it.  Thanks be to Mazzy Star and Lou Reed for today’s introspective folk.  Tomorrow I head off to the Oppikoppi music festival in Limpopo province, North-West of Johannesburg.

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