Last of Diane Victor’s Birth of a Nation prints

This day will be remembered for a personal milestone having been reached.  There were no elaborate celebrations when I finished the last of Diane Victor’s Birth of a Nation prints, but it felt really good.  All thats left to do when she returns from her Mt. Kilimanjaro trip is to sign and curate the editions.  If you haven’t yet heard of newcomers, Tame Impala, they are an Australian Psych Rock band.  I highly recommend that you give them a listen.

Tomorrow, Jessica Webster returns to resume her monotype installation with me.  In other news, William Kentridge has started working on a large print, so I have been melting aquatints onto plates for him to work on. The crew at AOM have been assisting him with the etching and proofing, as his studio is in close proximity to ours.