Faith47 – Taming of the beasts, new painting in Shanghai

Faith47 recently spent some time in China, where she produced a new street work bringing the spirits of the African Rhinos into Asia, “to help in the settling of their restless spirits.”

In 2010 there were 333 rhinos illegally killed for their horns in South Africa.
In 2011 the total for the year rose to 448.
And as of September this year the total for 2012 is recorded at 373 violent deaths.

The current spike in demand of South African Rhino horn is driven primarily by medicinal demand from Asian countries mainly Vietnam and China, Malaysia, India and South Korea.

Their horns are used presumably to treat fever, cancer and diabetes and as a detoxification tonic after over-indulgence.

The official announcement of the last Javan rhino killed in Vietnam was made on 25 October 2011, followed by the reported extinction of the West African Black Rhino, a sub-species of the Southern African Black Rhino, on 10 November 2011.

Settle down beasts, settle down.