Sanja Postic – Killer Art Scene at David Krut Projects, Arts on Main

Please join us on 21 August at 3pm at the newly-renovated David Krut Projects, Arts on Main, for the opening reception of Killer Art Scene, an exhibition of Sanja Postic’s intricately handmade Temori dolls.

Postic began making Temori dolls in 2008 after living and working in South Korea where ancient traditions of patchwork fabric craft and doll-making are still observed and flourishing today. Hand-sewn and individually designed each Temori doll is a unique and quirky creation taking inspiration from iconic artists and artworks from the Renaissance to Banksy, films, and their creator’s exuberant imagination. Not just limited to recognisable individual characters, the Temori dolls range also encompasses settings and scenarios filled with the clever humour and charm arising from the contrast of a solemn and wrinkled face staring out from absurdly amusing costumes and scenes.

More information can be found here.